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Quality Sourcing and Purchasing

PMS Far East

Since 1992, PMS International Far East has acted as a Purchasing and Sourcing agency for Retail Groups, Importers and Mail order houses across the world.

Quality Sourcing and Purchasing

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If you represent a retail group, importer or mail order house anywhere in the world, PMS International Far East is an established agency for sourcing and exporting innovative, economically priced products from East Asia.

Our Hong Kong office is staffed by 60 people, and we offer 30,000 products in our 19,000 sq ft showroom - allowing you to examine them and make considered buying decisions before purchase and export.

We also have an office and showroom in Shanghai, as well as offices in Shenzhen. The latter is home to dedicated quality control inspectors, supplemented by further inspectors in Yiwu, who inspect all products to pre-agreed Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) levels.

If you would like to learn how PMS Far East may be able to help you, please get in touch.

Shanghai Office

OfficeThe PMS Group’s Shanghai Office was opened in June 2002 and occupies almost 20,000 square feet. Two thirds of this space is dedicated to a comfortable and easy to navigate showroom.

To minimise duplication with our Hong Kong Office, the Shanghai showroom offers selected but important product ranges. Soft Toys, Bags, Gardening, Pet, Health & First Aid Products, Flags & Bunting, Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Camping & Fishing equipment and Inflatable Outdoor Toys.

The showroom is located 15 minutes from Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport and 45 minutes from Shanghai’s new Pudong Airport. Nearby hotel accommodation is plentiful.

The Shanghai Office is home to nearly 45 staff members and is headed up by Carroll Hua who has worked in the company for nearly twenty years. Carroll originally worked in our Nanjing Office, which was closed when we opened the significantly larger Shanghai Office.

The vast majority of the samples displayed have pre-negotiated prices and many items have modern customised artworks making the selection process much easier for our customers.

Soft Toys are a very significant part of the PMS business with low, medium and high quality ranges for Retail, Amusement, Licensed and Promotional customers. A great number of soft toys in the showroom are totally exclusive designs.

The competitively priced Gardening Range is first-rate with nearly 10,000 samples occupying more than 5,000 sq ft of the showroom. The range of Pet Products is also outstanding and extremely well priced. Coordinated artwork and catalogues are available for both of these ranges.

Hong Kong Office

PMS International Far East Ltd
Suite 202-206,
2nd Floor, Empire Centre
68 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Hong Kong

+852 2376 1886
+852 2375 3281

Shanghai Office

PMS International (Shanghai) Ltd.
8-9/F, Building B
No. 288, Chengjiaqiao Road, 
Minghang District,

Tel: +86 21 6465 6601
Fax: +86 21 6465 6898


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